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Creating Clean Cities and Enjoyable Daily Life:
Korea's Top ESG Platform Company

A Company that Research the living environment of human

Dwelling has been interested inthe social issue of
 fine dust and has played a leading role

in the development of 'air purification' technology using IoT, AI, and Big Data, 

which are the core of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. 
The trust built up over the years has led to
 the expansion into the 'Smart Shelter' business.

In the future, we will continue to provide enjoyable
and beneficial content to our customers
and strive to grow as the 'best ESG company' in Korea.


2021 - 2022

- Mongolia Ulaanbaatar Bayangol District 'Smart Bus Shelter' Business Agreement (2022)
- Selection of 'Green Smart Shelter' Operator in Gangnam-gu (2022)
- Completion of Series A Investment Attraction (163 billion won) (2022)
- Selection of Seoul City Central and Roadside Bus Stop Maintenance and Operation Operator (2022)
- World Smart City Expo Smart City Environment Division Minister of Land, Infrastructure and Transport Award (2021)
- Selection of Seoul City Smart Shelter Pilot Operator (2021)
- Hi Seoul Global Small and Medium-sized Enterprise Certification (2021)
- Designation as Excellent Small and Medium-sized Enterprise by the Ministry of Employment and Labor (2021)

2019 - 2020

- DMC Award 'Clean Air Prize' (2020)
- Development of Smart Air Purification Vehicle (2nd and 3rd generation) (2019~2020)
- INNO-BIZ Certification for Technological Innovation Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (A grade) (2019)
- Designation as an Excellent Fine Dust Response Company by the Ministry of Environment (2019)
- First Penguin Type Start-up Company by the Credit Guarantee Fund (2019)

2017 - 2018

- Seoul Green Environment Support Center participated in R&D projects (2018)
- Developed and completed Seoul City's pilot test for smart air purifying vehicles (1st phase) (2018)
- Signed a technical agreement with LH Corporation for 'Smart Clean Bus Shelter' (2018)
- Signed a business agreement and technology transfer contract with Korea Industrial Technology Association (2017)
- Main organization for R&D projects at Korea Environmental Industry & Technology Institute (2017)
- Won the gold medal at the Korea-China Venture Startup Competition (2017)

2015 - 2016

- Minister of Environment Award (2016)
- Technology Guarantee Venture Company Certification (2016)
- ISO 9001 Certification Acquisition (2016)
- Establishment of IoT Air Quality Platform Service (with Samsung SDS, LG U+) (2015)
- Establishment of Dwelling Corporation and Corporate Research Institute (2015)



The Korea Testing Laboratory (KTL) Sole Air Purification Technology Transfer and
Joint Development

12 Patents Registered and

Applied for Hybrid Air Purification Principles

Smart Intelligent 

Bus Shelter

Patent Office Award, Best Innovation Brand Award,

And National Certification

Smart Life Care Solutions



about us

Company Introduction

Company Name | Dwelling Co., Ltd.

Established | December 2015   CEO | Jeon Jeong Hwan

Headquarters | 16-2 Nonhyeon-ro 128-gil, Gangnam-gu, Seoul

Business Areas | Smart Intelligent Bus Shelters, Content Production and Sales, Air Purifiers, Air Purification Vehicles, Two-way Electric Dust Collector, Air Quality Monitors Development and Sales, Resource Recycling Business