Connected Sensors & Devices

What is Dwelrizer?

Dwelrizer is an IoT platform that facilitates
the easier and faster connection of sensors and devices, 

as well as the collection and storage of data. 

It supports the functionalities of analysis, prediction, and control 

according to business processes.

Hazardous pollutants in daily life

Fine dust





Indoor air quality management platform

Dwellizer solution remote operation




Pollution detection/control

Real time monitoring

  • Goal

  • Air quality

  • Pollutants

Safety Quality Analysis

  • Goal

  • Fine dust

  • Virus

Hazardous Air Pollutants Reduction

PM2.5 (99.8%)

TVOCs (90%)

VIRUS (98.6%)

Harmful gas (84.3%)

Key Features

- Dwellizer open API

Basic provision of API
for various service integration and 

provision of management system for external API integration

API Management & Key Management

  • Web page that supports API creation and deployment
  • API key issuance through the provided portal

User-defined API registration/provision structure

  • Support for service calls in clustering structure
  • Support for large-scale API invocation and usage environments
  • Load balancing support based on Grid Data Bus

Enhanced API Security Support

  • Level 3 support based on mutual authentication certificate
  • Key verification (Site ID, Authorization), URI verification support
  • Body (Payload) Spec matching verification

From IoT devices to service layers 

Providing end-to-end security architecture and components 

Principally preventing security incidents

Thing authentication

  • Authentication system based on SDK signature and Thing UID

Thing data encryption

  • Data encryption through Diffie-Hellman key exchange

Open API authentication

  • Ensuring reliability of API usage (Thing) through temporary tokens
  • Ensuring reliability of API usage through mutual SSL certificate cross-check between Open API server and App Server, issuing keys/secrets

Providing encryption key management server

  • Master key for encrypting encryption keys is guaranteed through secret sharing

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