Bidirectional electric dust collector

Electric precipitator

What is a two-way electric dust collector?

A two-way electric dust collector is
a devicethat uses electric precipitation and plasma technology

to reduce a large amount of (ultra)fine dust

and harmful gases that are introduced into and discharged from the tunnel
through tunnel ventilation systems.

Two-Way Electric Dust Collector Purification Process

Introduction of Hazardous Substances

Ingress of (ultra)fine dust and hazardous substances during subway entry and passage in history.

Automatic Cleaning

Continuous cleaning of accumulated fine dust in the electrostatic precipitator.

Primary Electrostatic Precipitation

Removal of approximately 70% of the initial dust volume.

Secondary Plasma

Removal of hazardous substances such as volatile organic compounds and gases.

Clean Air

Emission/introduction of clean air after the purification process.

Key Features

Two-Way (Ultra)Fine Dust and Harmful Gas Reduction System

  • Utilizes electric dust collector and plasma technology to reduce large amounts of (ultra)fine dust and harmful gases that are introduced into and discharged from the tunnel through tunnel exhaust equipment.
  • Bidirectional (ultra)fine dust removal technology regardless of subway ventilation system(Forward Cell + Plasma Generator + Reverse Cell) (Electric Precipitation)
  • Suitable for high-speed (13m/s) and high-volume dust collection with over 90% efficiency, even when some power packs are malfunctioning, the dust collection equipment operates using distributed power supply technology (Electric Precipitation)
  • Provides maintenance convenience throughindividual monitoring of electric precipitation cells (Electric Precipitation)
  • Technology that can simultaneously reduce harmful gases such as volatile organic compounds in addition to (ultra)fine dust (;Plasma Decomposition)
  • Development of dust collection device control programto enable centralized control.
  • Device for purifying wastewater generated during cleaning (Optional)

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