Air Purifier

IoTree 101

IoTree 101 Air Purifier

Removes fine dust, 

Air purifier for dwellings with the ability to
sterilize floating bacteria and viruses,

Preventing infection.

Hybrid Air Purification Technology

Developed based on the principle of solar reaction,

Photoreaction technology!

Utilizes powerful and short wavelength vacuum ultraviolet rays

To induce "photoionization" and "photochemical reaction," 

Using environmentally friendly technology.

IoTree Introduction Video

Plasma Method

Enhance the clean effect with powerful light reactions!

Easy Maintenance

Convenient usage with efficient management.

Outstanding Technological Capability

Technological expertise with various patented new technologies.

Cross-contamination Prevention

Complete prevention of cross-contamination caused by air pollutants.

Harmless Ingredients to Human Body

Utilization of oxygen ions and radicals that are harmless to the human body.

Basic Specifications

G2B Identification Number 23527256

Color White | Weight 14.5㎏ | Power Consumption 70W | Size 360(W)*360(D)*698(H)㎜

Rated Voltage 220V ~, 60㎐ | Stand Type

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IoTree 101 Air Purifier

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