Smart Air Purification Vehicle

Smart Air Purification Vehicle

What is a smart air purification vehicle?

Smart air purifying vehicles are mobile special purifying vehicles

that effectively purify ultrafine dust and various harmful substances
using electric precipitator photocatalyst and

plasma ion water filtering technology.

Areas with Fine Dust Pollution

We must correct the incorrect standards
for air quality and be fully aware of
the problems we are facing.
We must urgently improve the serious air pollution.


Carbon monoxide generated in daily life, chemicals contained in
wallpaper, furniture, insulation, radon in soil, rocks, building materials,
and nitrogen dioxide generated
from heating and smoking
must be minimized.

Fire Scene

The fire scene and the various hazardous substances and
(ultra)fine dust that occur after a fire
must be purified and mitigated
for the surrounding environment.

Construction Site

Various dust and hazardous substances,
such as HCHO, emitted from
construction materials,
must be properly addressed
at construction sites.

Smart Air Purifying Vehicle
Running in Our Daily Lives

This is a smart air purifying vehicle equipped with a multi-processing technology

using a composite filter to purify various harmful substances and fine dust (PM2.5)

as well as to disinfect viruses,

which exist in various environments.

Electrostatic Precipitator Purification Process


The first filter that filters the most contaminated air with PM10 level particles.

Electrostatic Precipitator

The electrostatic precipitator plate ⊖ is charged with electricity, effectively attracting and trapping various contaminants that have undergone the ion shower process ⊕.

UV Lamp

Removes harmful gases, fine dust, and various volatile organic compounds.


Removes fine dust using the continuous flow of magnetism between the ⊕ electrode and ⊖ electrode installed on both ends of the electromagnetic wave.

Water Jet

Neutralizes the remaining charged fine dust particles by electrically neutralizing them with activated plasma aqueous ions, and releases them into the air to remove pollutants in the target area.

Basic Specifications

CNG 5-ton Smart Air Purification Vehicle | G2B Identification Number 23821570

Usage | Fire scenes, areas with fine dust, landfill sites, construction sites, etc.

Specifications | CNG 5-ton Smart Air Purification Vehicle

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